Holiday OUIs (DUIs)

Holiday OUIs (DUIs, Drunk Driving)

Drunk driving arrests jump on holidays and a recent study reported that OUI’s jump 54% on Thanksgiving according to the study, making it second only to New Year’s in terms of OUI/DUI arrests. It is important to be aware that police will be on the road looking for violators, there could be roadblocks and other police traffic stops on the roads. During holidays, as on all days, it is important to be safe, and know the potential consequences of drunk driving.

The legal limit for alcohol consumption in Massachusetts is 0.08%.  You should be aware that Massachusetts laws are among the strictest in the nation when it comes to alcohol related offenses. You should also be aware that there are increased penalties for refusing to take a breathalyzer or blood test.

In Massachusetts courts determine sentencing by considering past OUI convictions including all final dispositions such as plea of “Continued Without a Finding”.  Any and all convictions will be considered should you have a second offense. Given the fact that Massachusetts has such a strict standards you should be aware of these laws and standards.

If you are facing criminal arrest or potential criminal charges for DUI/DWI/OUI (also known as driving under the influence, operating under the influence, or drunk driving) you will need knowledge and skilled legal representation.



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